Discount Method

KS-Jewellery Discount Methods.

The minimum first order is $1000 and 10pcs per item, Rings MOQ is 25pcs per size, minimum re-orders are as low as $500, at the moment we require 6-8 week of production time.
We wish to encourage our valued customers to keep on and working with us for a long term, therefore any received discount will be carried on to any future order as well, for example, if first order will reach $1500 US then you will be tittle for a 10% lifetime discount which will grant to you even if your following order will be only $500 US, this discount will apply as long you will continue and ordering with us.
We are listening to you, we take your comments into consideration and adapt to your needs, please let us know any feedback you may have regarding our website, products, factory or any subject you would like to bring to our attention.
We understand that one of the most antagonized point in any business relationship (be it a starting one or a long lasting one) is the price of the products you buy for that reason, we established a lifelong discount system that aims at providing you with the best prices at all time.
The scale works as follows:
Of course, our teams are always happy to answer any and all question that you may have and will welcome your visit any time.
Just mail us and book a date and we will make ourselves
available for YOU!
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