About Us

KS–Jewllery is a name to reckon with today in the field of casting jewelry with more than 20 years of jewelry manufacturer and design experience .
The unique innovative designs are known for their high quality and everlasting beauty.
The company started off quite modestly from a small location on the outskirts of Bangkok long back in 1989.
Our loyal customers have stood by us through thick and thin thus enabling us to continue and create our unique vision.
From Rings to Bracelets, Necklaces to Ear-clips and even Children’s Jewelry we will continuing to provide with the best quality product your money can buy.
KS-Jewellery is now known for its eye catching designs, quality products and excellent service.
The prices are extremely cost effective too making your company a winner all the way.
You are invited to stop by our show room at our factory, if you happen to be in the vicinity.
This will give you an unique opportunity to meet with our teams and experience the world of body jewelry first hand.  
Our Family is composed of more than 300 dedicated members. Each and every one of us is always looking forward to servicing your every needs and ensuring that the best quality of jewelry is always delivered to you at the best price.
Our teams are dedicated to bring you the best of 925 Sterling Silver and Brass plated products available on the market while remaining extremely conscious of the health certificates you rightfully require to sell back our products with peace of mind.
The different websites of the KS Group are coming as follow:
KS-Jewellery.com :
This web site is emphasizing on the jewelry and fashion jewelry division of the KS Group. The average delivery time for this web site is of 6-8 weeks.
We re-developed this section of the company after receiving a number of requests from you, our dear customers, to provide you with a range of jewelry products adapted to your clientele!
Minimum order of $1000 and minimum of 10 pcs per item. (Rings MOQ is 25 pcs per size)
KSPiercing.com :
This web site specializes in the sales of body jewelry for volume based customers and includes discount levels depending on how much you are ordering. The average delivery time for this web site is of 6-8 weeks from the moment you paid the deposit so wait no longer and order now!
Minimum order of $1000 and minimum of 10 pcs per item. (Rings MOQ is 25 pcs per size)
KSFactoryshop.com :
This web site is here to provide you our body piercing products within 48 hours of payment confirmation. This web site provides you a number of products old as well as new that are currently stocked by our services. Come and visit now before the stock run out!
Minimum order of $99 with no minimum per item.
We hope you will find all you need here and more but, should you not find whatever you wanted to find, you may feel free to contact us directly to request what you need.
Talk to you very soon!